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Get to know us

Level Up Learning began in 2023 with one teacher, a computer, and a vision of providing quality instruction for students at all levels. The majority of our tutoring sessions occur online to students in multiple states. We also have a growing library of instructional resources that help students answer their questions, or help teachers give engaging instruction in their classrooms.

red apple fruit on four pyle books
red apple fruit on four pyle books

Our vision

Someone once said, "A good teacher knows their stuff, knows whom they are stuffing, and stuffs them elegantly." At Level Up Learning, our certified teachers know their stuff, and our vision is to provide the most elegant of instruction possible by getting to know each student individually and designing a learning plan to meet his or her goals. Education is not about just acquiring information, or a particular curriculum, course or program. Rather, it is a lifelong process of constantly learning, and reaching for the next level. Our goal is to put that next level within your reach.

white table with black chairs
white table with black chairs

Our team

At Level Up Learning, instruction is always designed and given by certified teachers. We are dedicated to high quality teaching and customer service and every team member is here to serve and help you take your learning to the next level!

Charity Trowbridge

Owner/Certified Teacher
20 years teaching experience